Alloy Steel Scraps

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Nickel Scraps

These are available in various forms like turnings, solids, powders or as component of any machinery.

Moly Based Scraps

We are an established trader of varieties of moly based scraps. We trade for moly above 0.30% and the price varies from time to time depending on the international market trends. We buy the combination of moly with all other kinds of scraps as well which could be copper, chrome, nickel, vanadium, tungsten etc.

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Copper Based Scraps

We are also a recognized trader of different kinds of copper alloy scraps that include copper & nickel tubes of 90/10, 80/20 and 70/30 grades, 17 PH4 and combination of copper as coating on steels, copper with moly, etc. All these scraps are sourced from reliable sources.

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