SSGTL trades in both - metal and paper scrap. The range of scrap is based on standard traded grades and keeps broadening depending on customer requirements.

We also provide all customers with comprehensive, innovative logistics and transportation solutions. Whether it involves pickup or delivery, we have a full range of equipment to handle and transport material. We are involved with the complete process, from issuing of purchase orders to the delivery at the destination.

SSGTL Perform offer agent role-act as an offer agent/branch office/market research partner Provide credit investigation service-provide in formations such as credit standing, reputation about buyers/sellers in INDIA

SSGTL works in Raw material supply, Recycling material grades, Feedstock for factories.

For buyers who want to buy product from INDIA, We search for suitable sellers, you can use our Transportation arrangement and customs clearance service with competitive prices. We can be your reliable import partner in INDIA.

For sellers who want to export to INDIA, We can serve as your trustful partner as well. The company is also having tieup with many small scale industries which under takes job work provided by SSGTL under strict supervision and rigid quality control tests are carried out at every stage of production.

SSGTL guarantees that processes, products and services that we are involved in, fulfill the requirements demanded by the national and international certifiers. Our strict quality programme is oriented to satisfy the necessities with the clients in relation to the quality, trustworthiness and sustainability. All products are supplied radiation-free.

For our international clients, we offer regular communication between buyers and sellers, market updates and consultation regarding customs clearance and trading in accordance to Indian laws.

Our Philosophy is to strive continuously for innovation and therefore the company today can manufacture any mechanical component according to technical details / sample.

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