Environmental Policy:

SSGTL understands that managing our operations' environmental aspects is essential for continued success, especially as our company experiences rapid growth and enters new markets and communities. Our environmental policy consists of the following points:

High Priority:
SSGTL aims to recognize environmental management as among the highest corporate priorities and as a key determinant to sustainable development; to establish policies, programs and practices for conducting operations in an environmentally sound manner.

Waste Assessment:
To periodically conduct formal reviews of our activities to assure compliance with environmental regulations and internal procedures

Check on Operations:
All operations must be conducted in a manner that safeguards health, protects the environment, and conserves valuable materials and resources.

Employee awareness:
To educate, train and motivate employees to conduct their activities in an environmentally responsible manner and make environmental responsibility and innovation a guideline for measuring employee performance.

Resource conservation:
Take aggressive measures to minimize energy and other resource consumption through increased efficiency and conservation.

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