SS Global Trade links is an India-based organization, Recognized as an industry leader in scrap metal as well as paper recycling. We are leading metal & paper merchants dedicated to the scrap business. The company has always maintained a track record of consistent and reliable delivery of metal and paper scrap with high quality products. SSGTL fulfills its commitments to its customers and the communities in which it operates.

Mission and Vision
“SSGTL will preserve strong business relations through trust, transparency and mutual understanding with both our principal suppliers and customers.” We are channeling all our efforts towards becoming one of the most successful traders in our industry, while living up to our integrity and responsibility towards our clients.Our vision is based on our belief that SSGTL is on the way to becoming a pioneer company, encouraging trade in metal & paper scrap and paving a path for SAARC countries to effectively become the most profuse scrap recyclers in the world. Our dream is to become leaders in our areas of influence in scrap industry.

Customer Service
We extend the same caring, responsive approach to our customers as we do to our employees. Many of our original customers have grown with us through the years and we are always keen to keep up the tradition with newer customers as well. Every customer and every project that we take up, whether large or small, receives the same VIP treatment. We are fair-minded and our rationale is grounded by integrity. At SSGTL, we are committed to offering exceptional service to our clients and creating a strong and long lasting working relationship.

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